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Hotel Lighting Design in Paris

Hotel Lighting Design in Paris

Paris always had been one of the most amazing design centers in the world and it had been admired worldwide. Today we would like to present you the amazing lighting design in two truly luxurious and elegant hotels in Paris, in Hotel D’Aubusson and in Sinner.


Hotel D’Aubusson

The Best Hotel Lighting Design in Paris

Hotel D’Aubusson represents the amazing atmosphere of Saint-German-des-Prés which is considered as the world-famous, intellectual center of Paris. It is not only amazingly stylish and charming but also in the best location in Paris, walking distance from Louvre, Notre-Dame or from the Sorbonne. The interior design gives a tour to us back to the 17th century with the unique Versailles parquet and also with the fireplace in Burgundy stone.

The lighting design here highlights the atmosphere in the interior and it creates a cozy yet amazingly stylish combination of different pieces.

The Best Hotel Lighting Design in Paris

Café Laurent is the famous jazz bar of the hotel which represents the neighbourhood’s enthusiasm towards jazz music. The hotel lighting design in Paris starts in this hotel and as you can see from a very early period of time. They prefer statement pieces and wall lamps but also chandeliers can be discovered here. All of them adjust to the unique style of the hotel.



The Best Hotel Lighting Design in Paris

A new hotel in Paris which redefines the luxury hotels themselves and creates new laws in the market of hotel lighting design in Paris. Philippe Starck designed the interior and it is located in the heart of Les Marais. They describe the hotel as the meeting point where all the heritage, religion and mystery of Paris mingle.

The Best Hotel Lighting Design in Paris

The hotel lighting design in Paris is usually described as unique and various. In Sinner it is especially wonderful because of the light’s and lighting pieces’ diverse usage. For instance chandeliers, statement pieces and suspensions are used in the restaurant and lounge area while amazing, colorful windows are in highlight in the other lounge.

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What do you think about the amazing hotel lighting design in Paris? Feel free to comment and share!



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