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Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition – Euroluce’s pavilions showcased light in all its expressions, with a diverse array of exhibitions and installations curated by Beppe Finessi. The display was designed by the renowned Formafantasma studio, creating a truly immersive experience for visitors. Continue reading this article by the Modern Chandeliers blog to discover more about this year’s edition of Euroluce.

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Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

The Euroluce pavilions offered a diverse range of experiences for visitors, encompassing architecture, design, photography, and art. Through exhibitions, talks, workshops, and site-specific installations, light was showcased in all its forms and expressions. The theme of the international lighting biennial was The City of Lights and the spaces designed by Beppe Finessi and the Formafantasma studio for the cultural program of this year’s Salone del Mobile revealed a multidisciplinary approach. The program featured renowned artists exploring the theme of light from various standpoints, making for a truly enlightening experience.

Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

The center of attention in these areas was Aurore, a magnificent square created by Formafantasma that served as a hub for various activities before transforming into a meditative installation. There, giant screens projected images depicting various shades of light, from those found in different environments to bioluminescence in nature. Adjacent to Aurore was the Corraini bookshop, which offered visitors a place to buy, read, and peruse books. This space also showcased a range of prints, artworks, limited edition volumes, as well as magazines, small art objects, and graphic works for visitors to discover.

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Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

The Euroluce pavilions offered a cultural program comprising four main exhibitions curated by exhibition designers, complemented by seven Constellations scattered throughout the exhibition itinerary. The Constellations were like architectural interludes that feature drawings, photographs, paintings, video installations, and families of objects, enclosed in lightweight and recyclable settings designed by Formafantasma. The spaces, made from eco-friendly materials such as wood and paper, showcased works and contents from international luminaries in the art world, dedicated to the theme of light. In addition, they provided breakout spaces for visitors to enjoy.

Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

Starting with the Constellations, the exhibition began with a tribute to two significant figures in Italian architecture, Gae Aulenti and Umberto Riva, who focused on lamp design, showcasing works such as Pipistrello, King Sun, and E63 inspired by Constantin Brâncusi. The exhibition displayed original sketches and drawings that illustrated the proportions and measurements of these iconic designs. Another captivating exhibition was dedicated to Guido Guidi, a renowned contemporary photographer who captured the works of Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, and Carlo Scarpa over the last two decades. The exhibition presented 16 photographs taken in Preganziol (Treviso) in 1983, showcasing the passage of time and the changing light in those spaces.

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Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

The works of renowned artists and designers were featured in the Constellations exhibition, including Aldo Mondino’s Jugend Stilo from 1992, François Morellet, Keith Sonnier, Monica Bonvicini, Andrea Bowers (whose Chandeliers of Interconnectedness are unforgettable), Mark Handforth, and Sislej Xhafa. The exhibit also featured works by cross-disciplinary artists such as Corrado Levi – his Edipo from Fabbrica Eos, 2003 – and Nanda Vigo’s Light Trees, which were luminous trees from the 80s, as well as experimentalists like Mathieu Mercier, Duccio Maria Gambi, and Valentin Ruhry.

Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

At Euroluce, visitors were greeted by a lengthy neon sign that glowed brightly. The installation, called “You Can Imagine the Opposite,” was a massive site-specific artwork created by Maurizio Nannucci, who has been adding significance and fresh perspectives to architectural spaces since the 1960s with his first neon texts. Written in large letters, this work by Nannucci was a reminder to think beyond conventional limits and to conceive of new opportunities. As one of the most influential voices in contemporary art regarding artificial light, Nannucci encouraged visitors to break out of their comfort zones and imagine new possibilities.

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Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

The existence of objects is reliant on light to be seen, and light requires objects to exist. This was the foundation of Hélène Binet’s (1959) reflection. Binet is an acclaimed French-Swiss photographer who has captured the very essence of some of the world’s most famous buildings. Through her images, she traces the path of light on architecture, revealing how it caresses and accentuates its lines. The splendid exhibition “Nature, Time and Architecture”, curated and designed by Massimo Curzi, was one of the four main exhibitions on offer. It presented a collection of photographs that explored the relationship between light, architecture, nature, and time, presenting a visual chronicle of the works of some of the most notable architects. Hélène Binet’s photographs portrayed places where the gradual movement of natural light across surfaces, shapes, and materials inspires us to contemplate the mystical interplay between light and architecture.

Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

Light is not an object, but a subject, natural or artificial, and an atmospheric and environmental phenomenon that is always changing. The exhibition “Dawns. The Lights of Tomorrow,” curated by Matteo Pirola, explores the intersection of technology and poetry through a series of lighting fixtures designed by creative minds that replicate natural phenomena. The exhibition features various luminous atmospheres, including dark, twilight, and pure light, and is designed by From Outer Space. Visitors will encounter works by Iwan Baan, Thierry Cohen, Nendo, Adrian Paci, Alberto Garutti, Daniel Rybakken, Guillaume Simmen, among others. Among the highlights are Mandalaki studio’s Horizon Halo, which recreates the “blue hour” of the transition between day and night, and Constance Guisset’s Apollo lamp, a small Moon made of metal and plaster that mimics the behavior of celestial bodies.

Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

Martina Sanzarello curates “FIAT BULB. The Edison Syndrome”, an exhibition that pays tribute to the incandescent bulb, an icon of modern times. The exhibition transforms light bulbs into unsettling objects and small experimental installations, presenting various interpretations of this light source. The exhibition features a circular conveyor belt with light bulbs that act as display stands for the works of artists and designers in boxes and packaging.

Inside Euroluce 2023 Edition

In “Interior Night. Luminous Artifices,” curated by Michele Calzavara with an installation by Berfu Bengisu Goren, dozens of photographs display artificial light in interior design, ranging from small “grafts” to full architectural scale installations. The exhibition features great masters and young designers, historical icons, and often overlooked images, presenting a small inventory of poetics, languages, and shining aptitudes.

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