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Luxury Awaits in Montreux

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If you want to make a statement in your space, you will find strength in numbers. A smart, trendy solution that’s at its peak is to find the pendant light you love and pair it with a few others. Interior design with multiple pendant lights is great because you can create your own creative idea and make your own piece of art that will greatly impact the look of your room.

luxxu lamps

“In typical Jaime Hayon style, these paper lanterns defy the convention,” says brand manager Martin Kornbeck Hansen. “The ultra-light rice paper pendant light echoes ancient Asian lanterns reimagined with a modern aesthetic.” Since the turn of the century, paper lanterns have been introduced to Asia among the privileged and the poor, where different colors, shapes, and sizes have different meanings in the interior design.

Jaime Hayon

Here Hayon dispensed with cultural formalities to create a series of lanterns in white. Handmade with rice paper, combining various sizes and shapes. “Lamps play such an important role in people’s lives,” explains Hayon. For some cultures, they chase away darkness by bringing hope. I tried to keep this emotional view of light – in a lamp that also looks light. By making the bottom of the lamp open, the idea is to bring even more lighting to people all over the world.”

Fisionarte LUCE

Another example. The Fisionarte LUCE collection derives its name from a captivating sensory phenomenon, almost spiritual in nature, that connects man to the environment. This lamp is created by weaving a conductive thread with bare hands, which allows you to transfer an idea directly into a shape, which is an inextricable synthesis of structure and decor. The shadow lines generated by LUCE light scatter across surfaces and objects, linking them together in such a way that they can float freely in the illuminated environment in a new way, both defiant and exciting. Various sizes of lampshades and their designs are available for your interior design. There is where to turn on the fantasy.



If you are looking for a single fixture for your interior design that looks like multiple parts, the Vibia HALO LINEAL will do the trick. It still gives the creative freedom to the user as it can be hung horizontally or vertically at any height. This piece consists of many sticks stuck together, creating the striking illusion that they are floating in the air.


Despite the dynamic movement of different shapes and sizes grouped together, there is a lot to be said about symmetry in interior design as well. Choosing a trio of the same fixture and hanging them side by side at the same height creates a sophisticated look – like this SIKREA Babila pendant lights over a modern dining table.

LUXXU's Harpia Suspension

Another technique with a trio of similar-sized fixtures is to hang them together but at different heights like at this example with LUXXU’s Harpia Suspension. This creates a more dramatic look that is great for your interior design.


Harpia Suspension by luxxu


Using the same lighting style of different sizes makes the finished look more cohesive, as opposed to combining styles. The different sizes of LUXXU’s pendants allow you to unify look while maintaining enough contrast to create a dynamic grouping for your interior design.

luxxu lamps

The contrast in size can certainly be your friend when you combine fixtures in the same style. Don’t be afraid to get big with one very large lamp, then pair it with medium and small versions of the same style, like these Random Lights from Moooi.

Random Lights from Moooi

Less is more, they say, but a group of gorgeous pendant lights creates a stunning design element and adds light to your interior design. A cluster of several appliances that you truly love can certainly lead to more being more. If you enjoyed our article about INTERIOR DESIGN WITH MULTIPLE PENDANT LIGHTS, do not forget to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!

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