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Lighting Design Trends 2020: Minimalism, geometry, black

An ancient Greek philosopher once said: “Everything flows, everything changes”. The world of lighting design is no exception. It is reacting to the changes in society – the desire for comfort, freedom, multidimensionality, and functionality. These trends are reflected in the lighting fixtures created by the world’s best designers in 2020.

Lighting Trends 2020

Speaking of modern lighting fixtures, there are a number of trends that are clearly visible today.


This is the main trend in the world of lighting design. A person seeks to get rid of unnecessary things and focus on the main ones. Following these aspirations, the designers create luminaires of strict shapes, wide functionality, and stylistic brightness.

Lighting Trends 2020

Natural materials

Wood, ceramics, glass, and even paper – eco-style is more popular than ever, and lighting designers understand this well.

Lighting Trends 2020

Matte coating

There is no need to talk about a complete replacement of gloss, and yet the most popular are matte textures. The restraint, muteness, even delicacy, characteristic of such a lamps’ decoration are in demand among consumers.

Lighting Trends 2020

Geometry plus the freedom of shape

The fondness for lamps in the geometric shapes, noted last year, continues. These devices look very stylish and can neatly decorate any interior. In addition, the laconicism and simplicity of geometric lines are ideally combined with minimalism.

Geometry plus the freedom of shape

Black color

Yes, it was black that became the trend in 2020. And one has only to look at the lamps in this seemingly uncharacteristic color to see how stylish they look.

Geometry plus the freedom of shape

Among the main trends in lighting design of the current year are brass products, retrospective lighting, track lighting, and a number of others. Let’s see how famous lighting designers have embodied these ideas in specific models.

Review of popular lamps – 2020

Everything mentioned above is clearly reflected in the lamps of the world’s leading manufacturers

New Vibia collection

In the new collection Flat, Sticks, Top, both minimalism and functional architecture are clearly visible. Three representatives of lighting design participated in the creation: Ichiro Iwasaki, Arik Levy, and Ramos Bassols studio. Iwasaki was responsible for part of the Flat collection. The disc-shaped diffusers emit horizontal light that blends into its surroundings. Feel Zen at home.

Flat luminaires from the new Vibia collection

Flat luminaires from the new Vibia collection

Flat luminaires from the new Vibia collection

Sticks by Arik Levy creatively blends technology, space, and architecture. It would seem that these are just sticks. But no. These are floating sculptures made of linear light.

Lamps from the new Vibia collection

Lamps from the new Vibia collection

Luminaires Sticks from the new Vibia collection

Ramos Bassols studio was responsible for the Top part. Soft spherical shapes and warm light. The triumph of geometry in the interior.

Lamps from the new Vibia collection

Top luminaires from the new Vibia collection

Functionality from design bureau Nendo

The combination of Japanese design and Italian execution has resulted in Heco luminaires that seem to float in the air. The body of the device is represented by thin lines, the frame is thoughtfully geometric, and on this structure, as if by itself, without additional connections, there is a white shade with a soft warm light.

Lamp Neco Nendo
Lamp Neco Nendo

The models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, representing a unique lighting design.


Enjoy food with Artemide

An unusual portable lamp that will become not just a table decoration, but a seasoning to add a new flavor to your dishes. Created by a chef and lighting designer, it will reflect the most favorable light not only the serving but also the delicacy that you put in the glass food bowl on top.

Luminaires from the new Artemide collection

Bonta lamp by Artemide

By the way, this lamp has two bowls: deeper and wider. Well, Artemide’s unique portable technology guarantees long battery life, making this device indispensable for the restaurant.

A new look on Louis Poulsen classics

Black is in trend today more than ever. It is in this matte color that the famous Louis Poulsen company has released a limited collection of the equally famous PH lamp. The lamp will fit into any interior, there is no need to talk about the shape and manufacturability of the lamp – it is a living classic.

Light Louis Poulsen PH

Light Louis Poulsen PH

Luxxu combines it all

Needle Table lamp by Luxxu is designed to be a durable, well-made lighting piece with a simple design that will never go out of style. While having an interesting geometric shape it is also black and minimalistic. Well, what can we say, Luxxu combines it all!



We have listed the brightest new items in 2020. Decorate your room so that the interior sparkles with new fresh colors. If you enjoyed our article about Lighting Design Trends 2020, then feel free to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!



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