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Luxurious Floor Lighting That Will Transform Your Space

A luxurious floor lighting may be the final touch your interior design project needs to be elevated! Be amazed by the 5 finest Luxxu’s designs in this category! Floor lamps may be the perfect lighting design and decoration piece that is missing in your luxury home. Key to achieve the ultimate environment, lighting is often one of the hardest components to figure out and explore when decorating a luxury living room. With modern floor lamps, designers blend styles and materials, with a long list of variables affecting the overall product – from lamp shade, to body and cords.



McQueen Floor Lamp


luxurious floor lighting floor lamp

Achieve a romantic and creative environment with this stunning luxurious floor lighting that graciously combines gold plated hammered leaves with luxurious Swarovski crystals.


Waterfall Floor Lamp


luxurious floor lighting lighting products 

Light your ambiance with Luxxu’s Waterfall luxurious floor lighting, a glamorous series of ripped fine tubes of handmade crystal glass flowing over the tubular shapes in gold plated brass. This piece is a true expression of luxury to elevate any space.

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Tycho Floor Lamp


Luxurious Floor Lighting That Will Transform Your Space gold plated brass

Dare to give your elegant and timeless home decor a distinctive twist with Luxxu’s Tycho Luxurious Floor Lighting. The gold plated brass and the crystal tube make this floor lamp fabulous!


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Draycott Floor Lamp


luxurious floor lightinggold plated brass

Luxxu’s Draycott floor lamp brings a sober and exquisite elegance to any contemporary ambiance. It is a gold plated brass item complemented with delicate crystal tubes.


Liberty Floor Lamp


Luxurious Floor Lighting That Will Transform Your Space Swarovski crystals

Inspired by the Statue of Liberty, this dazzling floor lamp will disclosure the richness and delicateness of your home decor. Bringing together a gold plated brass, crystal and a marble base, this luxurious floor lighting is the perfect way to create a harmony between lighting and furniture.

Combine the previous luxurious floor lighting suggestions on your home decor to create a coherent and impressive interior design project!


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