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Scandinavian style lighting

Compared to the minimalism that appears and disappears each now and then, there is only one iteration of “immortal” design that will never go out of style – Scandinavian design. This is a mixture of textures, contrasts, and soft shades that make modern furniture warmer and more attractive. Today we will introduce you to the lighting that is used in the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian style lighting

In Scandinavian design with restrained decor, cozy spaces are obtained. It is not surprising that this style is so popular. After all, it combines modern trends and the desire to live in comfortable interiors. Based on Hygge’s philosophy, the Danes understood how to put together a Scandinavian modern design, comfort, and coziness.

Scandinavian style lighting

Scandinavian style in the interior. Specific traits:

Palette and architecture

Scandinavian style lighting

The Scandinavian style is characterized by a minimal color palette, cozy accents, and modern furniture. The design often uses natural light. Playing with contrasts is a hallmark of Scandinavian design. For example, a black sculpture may appear in a white dining room, creating a dramatic effect. Contemporary furniture also contrasts with the richly decorated architecture that is often found in historic buildings in Europe.

Contrast design elements and accessories

Scandinavian style lighting
Even recently-built modern spaces with minimal furniture have a simple table, swan-style chairs, and are softened with accents of light wood and rich shades of cognac-colored leather. Two simple lamps of different sizes from the blown white glass on suspensions make the interior more original and highlight the desired interior area.

Scandinavian style lighting

In the Scandinavian style interiors, against the background of calm white shades of the walls, paintings in the form of contrasting elements or a dining group are presented. Italian pastel-colored lamps are often used.

Scandinavian style lighting

Colored art (paintings) is rarely found in Scandinavian interiors. But there may be a group of paintings complemented by greenery in a simple vase and an industrial-style contrast lamp. A distinctive feature of the Hygge style are candles, often in simple brass candlesticks. The candlestick complements the vase on a thin brass base.

Closer to nature

Scandinavian style lighting

Speaking of Hygge, the Danes are trying to make the interior cozy and comfortable in all aspects of the decor. A large number of windows letting in natural light softens a cozy carpet of a warm shade. A greater merger with nature gives the shelf with large gray pebbles. A contrasting element is the asymmetrical pendant lamp in black.

Scandinavian style lighting

In Scandinavian houses, you can often find fireplaces. The furniture in this area is also framed accordingly. Small accents are the chairs by the fireplace. The sofa is often placed along the wall but leaving a small space behind it for passage.

Texture and color

Scandinavian style lighting
Warm wood tones and sepia tones are popular in the Scandinavian style. Thanks to them, the room becomes more sunny and bright, without the use of bright colors. The combination of shades of white, sepia, and warm wood creates comfort in the room. In such interiors place laconic lamps with a brass base and milk shades.


Scandinavian style is a mixture of styles that aim in providing a cozy atmosphere. Oil paintings, gilded frames – harmoniously combined with dark furniture and huge industrial lamps.

Scandinavian style lighting
Scandinavian interiors are characterized by lamps of pastel colors or contrasting colors made of natural materials (metal, glass, concrete, wood), convenient and functional in use, simple modern forms without unnecessary details or decor (spheres, cones, discs, ovals).

Scandinavian style lighting

Lamps either take the main role in supporting other accent elements of the decor, if they represent color contrast, or fit in neutrally, complementing the interior design. 

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