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Table lamps: decor or convenience?

Table lamps are indispensable home accessories. They should simultaneously create convenience for work and make the room more comfortable. Only when each decorative element in the room creates comfort and convenience while maintaining functionality, can we talk about a successful interior solution.

table lamps
Table lamps and their tasks
Office table lamps

Office table lamps

They can be successfully used not only in the office but also in the home office. Such lamps have a concise design, their main goal is high-quality lighting of the work surface. Working desk lights, especially for students, should be as comfortable as possible.

Office table lamps

It is convenient if the device will be mounted with a special mechanism to the edge of the table, leaving the working surface completely free. Practical models with a flexible tripod for adjusting the height and tilt of the lamp so that the light does not blind your eyes, or fixtures with a clip on the clothespin for ease of installation and space-saving.

Bedside table lamps and night lights

Bedside table lamps and night lights

These are lamps with rather dense lampshades or with matte diffusers since their task is to create a relaxing soft glow sufficient for reading before bedtime or serve as an element of bedside decor.

Decorative table lamps

decorative lamp

The original decoration of the room, not too functional, but extremely spectacular. They are used to create the atmosphere of a room when the lighting of a zone is not critical. Such lamps are placed in living rooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms. The main element of the design can be both the form and the diffuser (lampshade), and the base. There are completely unexpectedly executed lamps that attract the eye of each guest.

Children’s table lamps

Children's table lamps

Bright, cheerful, unusual. Their tasks are very different: they can attract attention, arouse interest in classes, be a real table decoration while illuminating the work surface well, and can serve as a bedside lamp or night lamp.

For young children, “fabulous” models in the form of flowers, mushrooms, and animals are attractive, and more stringent options are suitable for schoolchildren. In addition to design, the creators of such fixtures play an important role in their safety.


Light and harmony

The basis for choosing any table lamps should be the general style of the room and the appearance of other lighting devices: chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps. Often, table lamps are part of collections, series, or families of fixtures that include the above types. A beautiful and high-quality lamp on a student’s desk is an everyday lesson of good taste.

luxury table lamps

Equally important is the location of other lighting devices in the room, the brightness of the light sources, and the direction of the light flux. When choosing a table lamp, consider whether it is designed for right-handed or left-handed people (for some fixtures, the base can be shifted to the side, and rearranging it will be inconvenient), does the table fit the size, is the switch button conveniently located. Take care of having an extra outlet on the right side of the table lamp. These little things will help to achieve maximum convenience from the purchase.

Important technical features of table lamps

luxury table lamps

Good lighting is the key to fruitful work, well-being, and a comfortable stay. When choosing a table lamp, be sure to consider important points:

  • Quality materials and safety. If the table lamps is made of plastic, make sure that the plastic is high-quality heat-resistant. When buying a metal lamp, pay attention to whether the metal is protected from overheating, and whether it is possible to adjust the angle of the lamp.
  • Mounts and stability. The design of the table lamps must be reliable and stable, and the bass-heavy. Lamps on clothespins, clips, screw clips must also be securely fixed.
  • Lamp power. So that the light reflected from a sheet of paper does not blind your eyes, it is best to choose a light source with a power of 40 W (incandescent lamp), 11 W (fluorescent), 6 W (LED). It is convenient if the brightness of the lamp can be adjusted. The color temperature of light is from 3000-4000K for tabletops and 2500-3000K for bedside lamps.

luxury table lamps

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