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Unique Lighting Inspirations

Unique Lighting Inspirations

Today, Modern Chandeliers will bring you the most amazing and unique lighting inspirations from exhibitions, art shows, installations and from the most unexpected places! Mind-blowing ideas are provided here.

Dior Exhibition

Luxury Lighting Design Inspirations

Christian Dior had an exhibition in 2017 at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. During the event more than 300 dresses were exhibited which had been and still are the brands most successful pieces. Not just the dresses but the interior design and the amazing unique lighting inspiration has to be highlighted. From the ceiling these wonderful chandelier-alike pieces were hung and it created such a fantastic atmosphere! The great ceiling decor can be considered as a unique lighting inspiration also not just as a nice art piece.

Rainwater Collecting Installation – John Grade Dazzles

Luxury Lighting Design Inspirations

The wonderful installation is called Reservoir and it takes place in an Italian forrest. John Grade is the proud artist who worked with this alternative way of collecting water from rain. It hangs between the pine trees like a chandelier itself and it is admired by a lot of visitors in the forrest.

Unique Lighting Inspirations

If we take a closer look we can see the small pieces which are collecting the rain carefully and it looks truly impressive. It can be considered as a nature-close chandelier which is built up from five thousand droplets and attached to a thin net. Not just in its nature related features but in its form and in its elegance it can be considered as a unique lighting inspiration.

Luxury Lighting Design Inspirations

Bruce Munro’s work

Unique Lighting Inspirations

Bruce Munro’s work is truly amazing and a wonderfully unique lighting inspiration. The artist created several art pieces by using his fantasy and lighting designs. One time when traveling through Australia he found a field which he could connect to and this installation is the embodiment of that experience. It is the “Field of Light” and it is a wonderful source of unique lighting inspirations.

Unique Lighting Inspirations

Credits to: Colossal, Bruce Munro

What do you think about these unique lighting inspirations? Feel free to comment and share!



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