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7 Modern Chandeliers To Take Your Home Decor To The Next Level

7 Modern Chandeliers 

There’s nothing more desirable than a Modern Chandelier, they are a statement piece that can make a difference when you walked into a room. But sometimes choosing the perfect chandelier for your home can be really challenging. For that reason, Modern Chandeliers is going to show you 7 amazing chandeliers that will take your home decor to the next level. Prepare to amazed:



7 Modern Chandeliers To Take Your Home Decor To The Next Level

Alexander McQueen is the inspiration for this amazing chandelier. This masterpiece is as powerful as his exhibitions, combining the best luxury with the most exquisite handmade materials. Made with gold plated hammered brass, handmade butterflies and majestic flowers ending with the touch of beautiful Swarovski crystals. Bold and feminine, this creation is a real lumen sculpture.

7 Modern Chandeliers To Take Your Home Decor To The Next Level

The Majestic Chandelier enhances a romantic and daring form perfectly able to adapt itself to any ambiance or style. The combination of traditional techniques and a selection of high-quality materials results into an uncommon gold plated and crystal glass beauty that astonishes and empowers its surroundings.

This unique lighting design represents the sophistication and finesse of the American jazz pianist, Dave Brubeck, displaying a very luxurious feeling.  The result of this outstanding creation is a functional dining room chandelier with sculptural shapes.

The Guggenheim Museum is considered to be the “temple of the spirit”. Furthermore, it is the most important structure of its time. The Guggenheim chandelier was designed as a result of the leading-edge architecture.


NAICCA Suspension Light is a round chandelier that represents the legend of crystal origins. The aged brushed brass structure and the Quartz crystal diffuser merge together to brighten any home decor, filling the room with a strong yet peaceful atmosphere.

7 Modern Chandeliers To Take Your Home Decor To The Next Level

This large gold crystal chandelier was sculpted to convey a similar aesthetic of its lineage. On top, connected gold-plated brass structures serve as the main base for an opulent crystal glass masterpiece placed underneath. Each one of these sublime glass tears was designed with high attention to detail and traditional craftsmanship techniques. The perfect luxury chandelier for a refined ambiance.


7 Modern Chandeliers To Take Your Home Decor To The Next Level

Inspired by the imponent and robust structure of Lighthouses, Pharo Chandelier represents the rupture of the darkness with an immense, bright and luxurious shine! Made with Gold Plated Brass and Crystal Glass, this piece, is the perfect solution for wide spaces, able to swipe every attention in the room.


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