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A Gift To Tell You A Story

A Gift To Tell You A Story Let the magic of Christmas enter your home through the finest lighting. Today, find with us the perfect piece for every person! It’s Christmas Time the World has never looked so bright.


Holly Jolly Decor Inspirations For You

Stepping Into The Holyday Spirit

A Gift To Tell You A Story

Feel the holiday spirit with this opulent living room decor full of Christmas galore and sweeping snow views. LUXXU added a few luxurious and modern elements, like the Tycho chandelier, a layered lighting fixture in brass and crystal glass, or the Apotheosis center table, made of the finest materials. The Navis sofa and armchair add an extra layer of comfort and elegance

An Intimate Ambience

A Gift To Tell You A Story

In this dining room, a more intimate and sober atmosphere was intended. The dining table is fully decorated with an endearing Christmas showcase. Above, the Pharo suspension adds more aesthetic value with architectural features, and right next to the tree, the Pharo table lamps offer smooth lighting.

Get the look:

Pharo Snooker Suspension 


Green Is The Warmest Colour

A Gift To Tell You A Story

Two elements compose here an unforgettable entryway: a striking green, invigorating, and with boundless elegance plus the Pharo II Small Wall and all its harmony, and brightness. An entryway that hints at the Christmas spirit without being too obvious, perfect for those who prefer to keep things simple.


Elegance In Blue

A Gift To Tell You A Story

The Darian dining table makes this season feel even more special with its Carrara marble and brass form. The Otto swivel dining chairs exude comfort and style, making them perfect for Christmas. The Gala suspension lamp and floor lamp add a regal touch to this dining room with their candelabra-like aesthetic and smooth lighting. The Christmas tree features conventional ornaments, but a few exclusive design features by PullCast were added, including the cloud, butterfly, and daisy designs, to bring a more whimsical flair to the overall decor.

 Gala Suspension

A Memorable Dinner

A Gift To Tell You A Story

The highlight of Christmas eve is certainly gathering the family around the table for such a memorable occasion. Considering this, having a unique item, such as the Apotheosis dining table, is the first step toward a memorable dinner. This masterpiece is perfectly paired with LUXXU‘s Charla dining chairs, which have hints of golden brass on their handcrafted polished wood and Emperador marble top. The Gala suspension, which will be positioned precisely in the middle of the table, will brilliantly illuminate the family toast.

Soft Accents

A Gift To Tell You A Story

Christmas means family and comfort zone. Considering it, using soft materials in the upholstery pieces will make justice to the intention. Colors like green, used in the Saboteur single sofas, evoke the holiday vibe, and the grey, from the bespoke Anguis sofa, makes a perfect balance and harmonizes all space. Some contrasting pillows provide the final touch with mastery. With a fur rug and some snug blankets, the room is ready for the festivity.

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