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Aerial Chandeliers – Swinging Into The Cristal

Aerial Chandeliers – Swinging Into The Cristal =>  Le Cirque du Soleil, translated to “Circus of the Sun” in the Shakespearian language, the largest theatrical producer in the world, launched “Corteo” in 2012, an extraordinary show offering attendees an unforgettable spectacle mixing gymnastic acrobatics, aerial hoop, dance trapeze, trampoline acts, juggling performances, and particularly known for its aerial chandeliers.




Aerial Chandeliers - Swinging Into The Cristal
Credits to Cirque du Soleil


“Corteo” is an Italian word meaning cortège or procession. Partly inspired by a Federico Fellini film, the show follows a clown watching his own funeral taking place.

Slight such as air over 30 feet high

The play focuses on elegance and enchantment. Lights, decor, music, costumes and performances in aerial chandeliers transport you to a universe without frontiers between dream and reality. One of the performances features dancers suspended from a grandiose chandelier. The aerial artists swing from the large, crystal-embellished chandeliers, hanging over 30 feet high with acrobatics that wow the audience.


Aerial Chandeliers - Swinging Into The Cristal

Aerial Chandeliers

Aerial Chandeliers

Image Credits to Cirque du Soleil


The key of Corteo’s chandeliers performance is Sante Fortunato

aerial chandeliers
Credit: Jesse Costa


Sante Fortunato is an aerial chandeliers performer in the “Coerto” show. She is suspended from a large glass chandelier from high above the stage in the show. Before performing aerials on a chandelier, she did aerial hoop at the National Circus School Of Montreal along with hula hoops and contortion. She explains in one of her interviews that aerial chandeliers are routine for her now, although she used to be afraid of heights.


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