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Deluxe Interiors To Stimulate Your Creative Side

Deluxe Interiors To Stimulate Your Creative Side – What better to feed your need to stimulate your senses than a collection of beautiful interiors, carefully selected to inspire you? In today’s article, the Modern Chandeliers blog presents a series of beautiful rooms with premium lighting. Keep reading to discover more!

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Deluxe Interiors To Stimulate Your Creative Side

A Gorgeous And Crystallized Entrance

Deluxe Interiors To Stimulate Your Creative Side

The Draycott II wall fixture exudes class and sophistication because it is entirely comprised of gold-plated brass. This item adds a wonderful feeling and lights The Darian sideboard by Luxxu with its gorgeous handmade crystal glass tubes.

Aesthetic Bathroom For A Penthouse

Deluxe Interiors To Stimulate Your Creative Side

One of the many distinctive design features that contribute to the spacious feeling of this unusual bathroom set is the broad flooring with a diagonal pattern. This space is well-lit by natural light and has a beautiful architectural design thanks to the Pharo lighting fixtures.

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Closet With A Savage Beauty

Deluxe Interiors To Stimulate Your Creative Side

The McQueen Globe Suspension invokes the sublime with a potent evocation, much like a savage beauty. It works beautifully when used alone or in unison with other elements in the same space. Its elaborate presentation was influenced by Alexander McQueen‘s designs, and each leaf is establishing its individuality in brass and gold plating finishes, creating a group of pulsating, luminous branches that are finished with the shimmer of stunning crystals.

Comfort And Luxury Lighting With The Best View

Deluxe Interiors To Stimulate Your Creative Side

For people who enjoy working in comfort, luxurious style, and with a spectacular view, this office space is ideal. A project that brings comfort and functionality along with luxury and sophistication. The Pharo III Table Lamp‘s attractive gold highlights and the Skyline Suspension’s smooth lighting throughout are the ideal symphonies of LUXXUs designs.

Get the look:

Skyline Suspension

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A Timeless Readin Nook

Deluxe Interiors To Stimulate Your Creative Side

Inspired by the Space Needle building in Seattle, which was built to withstand strong winds and even earthquakes, the Needle Table lamp is designed to be a durable, well-made luxury lighting table piece with a simple design that will never go out of style. Designed in white tones, it provides the reading corner of the Meraki Palace with a sense of calm and purity.

A Living Room Full Of Flair

Deluxe Interiors To Stimulate Your Creative Side

In order to create a statement, every aspect of the living room was carefully considered. The Shard Suspension brings a bold statement to this room. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Shard London Bridge building, the Shard Suspension Lamp is an iconic, unique lighting fixture with a strong presence and character. Suitable for living rooms and dining areas, this piece will grab all the attention in the room.

A Game Of Luxury And Sophistication

Deluxe Interiors To Stimulate Your Creative Side

An entertainment room is supposed to be the symbol of leisure and distractions, the more ways you games and entertaining fixtures you can incorporate in this room the better, from a beautiful game of snooker to a relaxing session of cards or dominos it is always important to have an assortment of choices at your disposal. The Pharo Snooker is the perfect lighting fixture to brighten your billiard table.

Get the look:

Pharo Snooker Suspension

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