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Giant Floor Lamps

The world of lighting design constantly surprises with inventiveness and creativity. Therefore, designers decided to go even further and create giant floor lamps. Interested? If yes, keep on reading our blog and discover world’s biggest, most impressive floor lamps!

giant flor lamps

Floor lamps are familiar to everyone. This popular type of lighting is used both in private and public interiors, including modern hotel rooms, restaurants, cafes, office spaces, and even sets on the street. It is comfortable due to the fact that they do not need to be plugged in and is easy to move around, which is an integral part of the design decision.

Nevertheless, there are rare specimens, amazing even to experts. The huge size of the fixtures amazes from afar. Giant floor lamps exist, although they are not often found.

Where are the giant floor lamps used?

Giant Floor Lamps
Large sizes impose restrictions on the lighting equipment use. If you are thinking on buying a giant flor lamp you should have high ceilings of more than 3 m or they should be absent at all.

Giant Floor Lamps

Here are the possible options for the harmonious placement of giant floor lamps:
  • showrooms
  • shops
  • loft and studio interiors
  • duplex apartments
  • country houses
  • atriums
  • exteriors/street
  • reception, office areas
  • exhibition halls

What giant floor lamps can be used as?

Giant Floor Lamps

Large lamps are very heavy and moving them around is problematic. It is better to immediately decide where the floor lamp will be installed. Giant floor lamps have the following functions:

  • local lighting
  • zoning
  • replacement of a chandelier or ceiling lamp
  • original design decision
  • “wow effect”

Who makes giant floor lamps?

Despite the fact that there are numerous manufacturers of luminaires, not a lot of them are creating giant floor lamps. This is due to the complexity of production and various design decisions.

We will demonstrate to you 5 the most prominent examples of giant floor lamps:

1 – Delightfull – “Diana” lamp 

The floor lamp Diana belongs to the Heritage collection. The floor lamp is made in the style of industrial design in a modern interpretation. It is suitable for loft-style interiors or studios. The main “weapon” of the Diana series is the breadth of color options: blue, red, white, gold. The factory also offers custom-made colors.

Delightfull - "Diana" lamp 
Delightfull – “Diana” lamp

2 – Leucos – “Great JJ” lamp

The Leucos factory is known for its JJ series of fixtures. The giant floor lamp family has three colors: white, black, and aluminum. The elements of the lamp are movable, so Great JJ is easy to direct to the desired area. The light source is halogen, the weight of the floor lamp is 122 kg.

Leucos - "Great JJ" lamp
Leucos – “Great JJ” lamp

3 – Catellani & Smith –Uomo della Luce XL” lamp

The floor lamp Uomo della Luce XL – XXL is a flat human figure made of metal with a protective coating. It contains 20 light sources. The diameter of the wire ball is 90 cm, the height of the product is 310 cm. A special degree of protection allows safe outdoor use in any weather.

Catellani & Smith - "Uomo della Luce XL" lamp
Catellani & Smith – “Uomo della Luce XL” lamp

4 – Artemide – “Tolomeo XXL” Outdoor lamp

The Italian factory Artemide created a huge LED floor lamp in the famous Tolomeo series. The degree of protection allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors. Tolomeo XXL repeats the proportions of a table lamp. But the dimensions are much larger – a scale of 4: 1. To support such a weight, the base is made of concrete. Color is gray. Design – Michelle De Lucci, Giancarlo Fassina


5 – Vibia – “North” lamp 

Designer Arik Levy invented North floor lamp for the Spanish brand VIBIA. There are versions with two shades (the same or different sizes), three (large and two small) or four (two large and two small). Light sources are LEDs. The maximum height of the North series fixtures with four light sources reaches 425 cm. Color options: white, graphite, beige, and blue. Thanks to the thin rods of the structure, this giant does not seem heavy.

Vibia - "North" lamp 
Vibia – “North” lamp

Giant Floor Lamp by Vibia – North

Giant Floor Lamps

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