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Lighting from all over the world – original models for any interior

The modern interior is the harmony of furniture design and decoration, details and large surfaces, color and light. Lighting can emphasize all the advantages of the room, hiding its flaws. That is why it is so important to choose original and high-quality fixtures from leading brands. The range of lighting equipment is now very wide, and you can choose models from all over the world. Today we will tell you which countries are particularly successful in lighting technology?

world lamps

Austrian fixtures – the perfect combination of design and quality

If you are looking for a country that manufactures some of the best fixtures in terms of price and quality in the world, Austria will be an excellent choice. High popularity in Europe is a high indicator itself. And it is the Austrian fixtures that boast illumination of the house interiors throughout the Old World. A similar love for lighting products manufactured in this country is justified by several qualities.


First of all, it’s just a huge assortment of models of various designs and styles. Choosing fixtures from Austria, you can easily solve issues of various functional purpose and decoration styles. It is important that the Austrian lamps are not expensive – they are available to the average buyer. Moreover, the quality of lighting products of Austrian production, despite their cost, does not graze the rear and will allow them to serve their customer for a long time and with dignity.



Czech lamps – a crystal fairy tale

The Czech Republic is rightfully considered one of the largest crystal producers in Europe. Finished to the smallest detail technology of minting perfectly even crystal faces, you can create shining beads of any shape and size. They apply everywhere. Bunches of strung small transparent beads, large crystals hanging separately, crystal shades – the range simply impresses with a variety of light devices, over which the rich imagination of experienced designers with perfect taste has worked.

Czech Republic crystal lamps

No matter how the fashion for fixtures changes, the Czech Republic continues to focus on the most popular and never out of fashion material – crystal. It is the material used that often dictates the style of these light works of art. Basically, lighting from the Czech Republic is an exquisite classic. In the assortment of local manufacturers you can find all possible varieties of chandeliers – from multi-tiered palace designs to simple and unobtrusive appliances that fit perfectly into a competent apartment interior. There are many sconces and floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lamps, which are also close in style to the classics.

Floor lamps from Germany – time-tested functionality

flor lamps from germany

When it comes to choosing floor lighting, it is best to focus on the models of German manufacturers. Germans are famous for their scrupulous attitude to quality, therefore floor lamps of brands from Germany are in great demand all over the world. The most common and relevant at all times is a floor lamp under a lampshade. This lamp is not only beautiful in appearance, but also in functionality.

Floor lamps from Germany
Modern German lighting manufacturers produce floor lighting under the lampshade of any shape and color. Therefore, you can easily choose exactly the version of the lamp that best fits into the overall interior of your room and becomes its main decoration.

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