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Luxury Lighting Designs At Paris 56 Fine Interiors’ Design Project 

Luxury Lighting Designs

Paris 56 Fine Interiors is a Berlin-based showroom, studio, and workshop all at the same time. The design company was founded by Detlev Böhnke. He gained experience with internationally renowned interior designers before he started his own business over 12 years ago. Since then, Detlev Böhnke has realized private and commercial projects all over Europe. Today, Modern Chandeliers decided to show you the luxury lighting designs of an amazing project by Paris 56 Fine Interiors.

Luxury Lighting Designs At Paris 56 Fine Interiors' Design Project 

Detlev and his team carry out projects from the first sketch, through all stages of construction, to the completion. During planning, the team works with 3D animations and photorealistic renderings, so that the client can have a very exact idea of ​​the final project right from the beginning. You will notice at first glance that Paris 56 never relies on standard solutions. Their work impresses with originality, attention to detail and a special sense for the people for whom they are intended. After all, you should feel more than just comfortable in the rooms that they design for you – you should recognize yourself in them.

Luxury Lighting Designs At Paris 56 Fine Interiors' Design Project 

Paris 56 loves to take on challenges, as Detlev says, “when you have achieved everything, the work is boring! With every new work, project or client, it brings a new fresh challenge. The most beautiful feeling is to finish the completion of a project and see its result.”


Luxury Lighting Designs At Paris 56 Fine Interiors' Design Project 

Burj chandelier is inspired by one of the most stunning hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab. Like the hotel, this masterpiece is a symbol of modern age and luxury combined. It’s also a strong, decorative structure, fully made of gold plated brass, with delicately handmade glass tubes.

Luxury Lighting Designs At Paris 56 Fine Interiors' Design Project 

When it comes to design trends, Detlev follows a mixture of classic contemporary design, retro-styled and glamorous with exquisite colours and finishes. New high-modern luminaires, as well as geometric and naturalistic elements in shape, print and colour are always present in their projects. The team is inspired by some of the biggest names in design, such as Jean Michel Frank, Vladimir Kagan, Jean Royere, David Hicks, Hans-Jürgen  Wegner and André Putman.


Everything sparkles under this elegant work of art. This masterpiece made with gold plated brass combined with ribbed fine tubes of crystal glass brings a natural feeling of waterfalls to any space. The glamorous sensation of water in the tubes is handmade by glass master craftsman.

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