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Most Luxurious Modern Chandeliers At Your Home

Most Luxurious Modern Chandeliers At Your Home => Modern Chandeliers add a sense of class, luxury, elegance, and beauty to your home decor.  From the most minimalist to the most excentric, modern chandeliers offer an endless choice of styles. We’ve put together 6 ideas for you to take inspiration from and to light up your home.




Molo – Cloud Softlight

modern chandeliers


Designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen, this cloud light was inspired by Alexander Calder’s wonderful kinetic sculptures. The cloud softlight creates an undulating and luminous celestial ambience perfect for wide-open spaces.


Vibia Wireflow 2D Pendant Lights

modern chandeliers

Prefer a 2D version? This vertical chandelier won Interior Design Magazine’s “Best of Year” prize in 2014. Comparate to other modern chandeliers regularly massive this modern chandelier is slight while occupying all space.


Mc Queen II Chandelier

modern chandeliers

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As dramatic as ever, the McQueen II does not go unnoticed. This amazing chandelier is inspired by one of the most irreverent designers of all time, Alexander McQueen. Made with gold plated hammered brass, handmade butterflies and majestic flowers, a savage beauty that is the ultimate expression of luxury.


Meshmatics Chandelier

Modern chandeliers


This industrial modern chandelier has been designed to look like an inverted net. The versatile Meshmatics Chandelier by Moooi contains a combination of fine brass and steel wires that wind around the light fixture to create a mesh effect.


Guggenheim Chandelier

modern chandeliers

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The Guggenheim chandelier was inspired by The Guggenheim Museum which is considered to be the “temple of the spirit”. It will give a luxurious atmosphere to your interior by its elegance and sophistication.


Ellisse Double Suspension

Modern chandeliers


Modern chandeliers can also be futurist! The Ellisse Double Suspension was been designed by Federico Palazzari. The concentric rings can be angled however your space demands when hanging this unique chandelier.


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If you enjoyed this article about Modern Chandeliers, you can also find more interior design inspirations and products on our Pinterest boards and Instagram page.


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