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The Coolest Chandeliers Which Bring Glamour Into The Room

The Coolest Chandeliers Which Bring Glamour Into The Room => No one wants to have a basic or unoriginal interior. The idea is to find THE element which turns your interior into a unique, cool and original place. The chandelier is without hesitation an element that will make a statement. We’ve put together 5 ideas of the coolest chandeliers for you to take inspiration from and to light up your home.




The Fluffy And Glamorous Chandelier

coolest chandeliers


A beautiful mix of glamour and style, this space navigates between Eastern and Western influences. A romantic and sensual interior that vindicates the exoticism and nature of Japan, with a touch of avant-garde given by the glamour chandelier made of green feathers.


The Exotic And Natural Chandelier


A bit of outside inside is what this cool chandelier made of palm fronds brings into this design scheme. To find the coolest chandeliers, you definitely have to think about originality and audacity.


The Bohemian And Gypsy Chic Chandelier

The fringes made a comeback in our interiors with the “Wink” chandelier, designed by studio Masquespacio, a mix between bohemian vibes with pink fringes and a modern style brought by the structure.


The Girly And Romantic Chandelier


This feather chandelier, much like the palm floor feather, takes center stage in any luxury setting, bringing lightness and romantic to the room.


The Futurist And Bleu Chandelier

coolest chandeliers

Blue is the color of 2020 and the coolest chandeliers of the 21c Museum Hotel are perfectly suited to this current trend. By creating this harmonious combination, the designer is seamlessly combining different shapes, shades and texture in blue.


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